Friday, July 25, 2008

We are the Champions!

That's what my nephew Blake's team was singing after winning their baseball tournament last night by a score of 7 to 6. (Way to go, Blake!!!! :) What an exciting game! After several scoreless innings, Blake's team finally game alive. Now they are advancing to the World Series for their age division (5th & 6th graders) which is being held in northern Illinois. Of course, Zoe enjoyed playing with Emily & Ashton, whose brothers are both members of the team. We also got to see my niece Bethanie. She recently injured her shoulder (possible hair-line fracture) during cheerleading practice & is supposed to find out soon what her next step of treatment will be.

Blake on deck!

The winning team!

Another banner to hang.....Blake & his buddy Reid.

Blake & Zoe....

She loves her cousin!

Goofing off as usual!

Ashton, Zoe, & Emily - The 3 Musketeers!

We also received some good news about Paul's cousin Whitni. Yesterday she had surgery to wire her jaw shut. Well, 5 of her missing 6 teeth were found - IN HER MOUTH! Now isn't that bizarre? Apparently some of the teeth were bent backwards, some had shifted to other spots, etc. But the main thing is that the doctors were able to put the teeth back into place & attach them to her braces before wiring her jaw. So, after all of the trauma to her mouth area, she only ended up losing 1 tooth. Pretty amazing, huh?! Whitni continues to get better everyday. She is still in the hospital in St. Louis & probably will be for a couple more days. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts & prayers!
Tonight we are going to another baseball game. This time Zack's, Blake's older brother. Zack is playing for the championship in his tournament which determines if his team advances to their age division's World Series in Michigan. So, good luck, Zack!

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