Monday, July 19, 2010

What a Week!

Last week was so busy, but yet, so much fun. We had company in & out all week. The busyness started last Sunday & ended Saturday!

Sunday: Zoe & I went to Paul's grandma's & aunt's about an hour away. Enjoyed visiting & eating lunch with them. We stopped at a "mom & pop" ice cream stand on the way home for a dreamsicle cone. (The BEST vanilla & orange sherbert twist cones!)

Monday: One of my co-workers, her two daughters, & a friend came over to swim. Zoe loved hanging out with Morgan & Madison.

Tuesday: Gymnastics!

Wednesday: My sister Heather (Yes, I have a sister named Heather. No, we are not like George Foreman & every girl in the family is named Heather. It just so happened that my sister Heather & I are the same age - she is the oldest by a couple of months - but our parents did not marry until we were both adults!), & her two daughters, Megan & Gracie, spent the day with us. We had a blast. We swam & just basically hung out.

Gracie posing in the pool!

Zoe & Gracie were doing gymnastics!

Helping Uncle Paul clean the fish bowl.

Look at that hair! This was after her nap.

Rockin' out on Zoe's guitar.

Thursday: Paul's nephew Austen & his cousin Camille, both from Baton Rouge, arrived about 2 in the morning. Once they were up & at it for the day, the two of them plus Zoe & I enjoyed a very hot day (about 110' with the heat index) at S*x Fl*gs. We all had a blast. There was not a big crowd so we were able to stay on the rides without having to get off for a second & third time. Before arriving home, I met my sister Tracy & picked up my nephew Blake & his friend Aaron. They spent the night with us also.

Friday: Austen & Camille headed to the grandparents' house to spend the rest of the weekend. Zoe, Blake, Aaron, & I went to gymnastics & then joined one of Zoe's friends & her family (Gracie, Rylan, & Cortney) at a family pizza join. There were lots of games, go-carts, bumper cars, bowling, etc. We had a blast.

Zoe playing Skeet Ball.

Gracie & Zoe bowling with attitudes!

Just a pretty smile!

Zoe riding in a roller coaster simulator!

We arrived home to my sister Tracy, her husband Brent, & their oldest son Zack. They spent the night after a full day of baseball games. Zoe spent the night with her friend Gracie.

Saturday: All the relatives left today. Paul worked & I swam in the backyard with some friends.

It was an eventful week. As I look back on it, I am reminded how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends & family. Even though we are busy busy, we love it!

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Adrienne said...

Heather, I got tired just from reading about all of your activities! But, I agree. What would life be like without friends and family? Pretty boring.