Saturday, July 3, 2010

Butterfly Princess

Zoe has been asking for quite some time for us to take her to the zoo. Even though she loves seeing the animals & riding the zoo train, she had something else up her sleeve. You see, when we went to the zoo for her kindergarten field trip, she wanted to get her face painted. However, it was not feasible at the time because her teacher had advised all chaperones that if they bought one item, they had to buy 42 items. (And since I didn't have enough money for all 42 kindergartners to get their faces painted, it just didn't happen.)

We hadn't been to the zoo 3 minutes today & Zoe was already looking for the face paint booths. After a little coersion, we finally convinced her to see some of the animals, feed the stingrays, eat lunch, & visit the penquin house before getting her face painted.

She chose the Butterfly Princess example.

Our Butterfly Princess - Zoe Gwen - 6 Years Old

Ni Hao Y'all


Stefanie said...

Wow! What an amazing butterfly! I bet she was thrilled!! How great that you had your camera to capture it!
Sounds like a fun day at the zoo :)

Julie said...

What a fun day!! Wow..she must have had to sit for awhile for that one!! So pretty!!

Happy Fourth!

Annie said...

What a pretty butterfly!

Wanda said...

And a beautiful butterfly princess she is indeed!