Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tears of Joy

Yesterday as I watched Zoe do her round-off back-handspring at gymnastics for the first time ever (& by herself I might add!), tears started streaming down my face. They weren't tears of anger or sadness, but tears of joy. I suddenly had flashbacks to that little girl that we met a little over 5 years ago that was scared & wondering why everything she had ever known was being taken from her. Yesterday's event made me realize just how far Zoe has come.

Since then I keep looking at her & trying to imagine her life without adoption: living in an orphanage, longing to be part of a family while watching so many of the other children at the orphanage join their forever families. And then I think to myself, isn't that what all orphans worldwide want - a forever family? A forever family that will show them love, comfort, kindness, respect, etc.

But isn't that what I was longing for? A child to be part of me, to show me love - an unconditional love that only a mother knows? I never could have imagined how my world was going to change when meeting Zoe! And because of it, I thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to be her mother. There's no better feeling in the world - tears & all!

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Lianna Knight said...

She is such a special little girl...that smile is priceless. And you are pretty lucky to call her your daughter...just as she is thankful to call you mommy :)