Friday, July 2, 2010

At the Campground

Zoe & I went camping for a few days.

My nephew Blake had a 3-day baseball tournament about 30 minutes from my parents hometown so they loaded up their motor home & pulled it in to a campground down the road from the baseball field. Zoe & I joined them for two nights while Blake stayed for one night.

We really had a good time. The weather was beautiful & the campground was so quiet.

Zoe had a ball. She loves the fact that she can get by with wearing her pajamas pretty well all day. She & Blake played at the playground, played cards, watched a movie, etc. However, the one thing we thought for sure they'd do, they didn't - swim in the pool. Hard to believe, but both Zoe & Blake chose taking a nap instead of swimming.

The campground managers live on sight & had a small shed where they raised chickens, hens, & turkeys. The animals just walked around as if the people weren't even there.

While waiting for Paw Paw & Nana to get up from their naps, Blake, Zoe, & I took a walk, went to the campground's general store to get some ice cream, & hung out on the picnic table. Zoe ended up "fixing" Blake's hair. She tried convincing him to wear his hair like that out to eat & to his ballgame. He didn't fall for that. Blake let us take a picture but after that, the pony tails came out!

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