Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stylin' & Profiln'

So for the last week or so, I have been going through Zoe's closest & pulling out clothes that could possibly be too little. She's been a good sport about trying everything on & letting me know how they fit & if she is definitely going to wear them.

Along with the trying on, I have to admit that I told several white lies. You see, Zoe has some really cute outfits that I picked out & bought her last year that she snarled her nose up at & refused to wear. I didn't get rid of them thinking that she could possible wear them this year & might hopefully have a different attitude toward them (& would forget they even existed!). Well, whatda know? (Here's where the little white lies come in!!! Hee hee!) As soon as I pulled them out of her closest this week, I immediately said - "Oh, isn't this cute! Abigail picked these out for you!" Let me tell ya, those were the magic words! Once she knew Abigail had something to do with them, she was sold! Now, she can't wait for warmer weather to get here so she can wear her "Abigail outfits"! I know, I know, cruel trick. However, we both win. I don't have to buy as many summer clothes for her & Zoe thinks the "coolest girl in the world" (otherwise known as Abbie) had something to do with her clothes. No harm!

Well, we did find a mini-skirt that was a size 4. Zoe insisted on trying it on. She even had me go in the other room so she could put together an outfit using the mini-skirt. Well, here's what she came up with:

Just to let you know, the mini-skirt is not staying around. It's a little short. Much to Zoe's pleas, it will be finding another home. Yes, it was cute when it fit, but now it pretty much screams out - Hoochie Mama!

PS - Check out the boots in the picture. She put on her D**dle Bop dress up boots. Too funny!


Missy said...

I am cracking up laughing right now, Heather! I have done the same thing and told Paige her favorite dancer picked out her outfit, that I had just "run" into her at the mall :)
Great minds, my friend!

That Zoe is really growing up and is sooo beautiful! Those darling dimples get me every single time!

Adrienne said...

I actually thought she had boots on until I looked a little closer..hillarious! So cute what they come up with and think it looks good. Fun times..we can't wait to get outside also!!