Sunday, March 21, 2010

Loving the Upset

I know many of you are morning the loss of Kansas last night in the NCAA Tournament. I'm sure the majority of bracket-filler-outers had Kansas making the final four if not winning the whole thing. Well, here in small town Midwest, we are celebrating Kansas's lost. You see, a local boy plays for the University of Northern Iowa. Even though he doesn't start, he is one of the most popular players with his unending side burns. In fact, when he comes off the bench to provide a much needed spark, the UNI fans yell his name with extra enunciation.

How cool it was watching last night's game with butterflies in our stomachs! We were so nervous for "small town boy" that at times we had to change the channel. (We can only imagine how his dad Mike felt watching it in the stands.)

So, if you're looking for a team to root for now that your beloved Jayhawks are out of the big dance, jump on the UNI bandwagon. We'll let ya! Yell it with us : U - N - I! U - N - I! U - N - I! (Sounds good, huh?!)


jennifer said...

Gotta root for the underdog!! Love it! (although I'm not a basketball fan ;)

Adrienne said...

We were watching the big screen bar tv's while eating at Houlihan's and celebrating 6 mos. with Collin..people were clapping and cheering and yelling even from their tables, including us. It was cool..butterflies for sure! Go UNI!!