Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gymnastics 101

Zoe has been going to gymnastics now for about 3 years. What started out as a fun kiddie class has escalated into full blown gymnastics two nights a week for two hours each night. Recently we were approached by Zoe's coach that Zoe will be moving up to Level 4 within a few months. Now Level 4 is a competitive team which means that Zoe will be competing in meets throughout the midwest. Plus, it is a bigger commitment (which also means more money) with more time spent in the gym practicing.

So, this past weekend Zoe & I attended her first gymnastics meet as a spectator. We were there basically to watch & see what Zoe would be doing & get a feel of whether or not Zoe would be interested in even being a member of Level 4.

Once arriving at the venue, Zoe was so excited to see all of the girls (28 teams) in their leotards & warm up uniforms. She became even more enthralled when the warm-ups for the competition started. In fact, as soon as the announcer came over the loud speaker to let the coaches know that warm-ups were starting, Zoe very quickly told me that we needed to get to our seats so we could watch. (We were coming back from the restroom.)

Anyway, it was a great day. Zoe enjoyed the meet & has decided that she would like to compete. I got a good laugh on the way home. I asked her what she thought & she replied - "I don't know if I could do it, Mom. I don't know the routines." I quickly explained to her that she would have months of training before her first meet. Once she understood that, she was all gung-ho.

Not sure when they will move her up, but I will keep you posted. For now, enjoy some (not-so-good) pictures of her in the gym doing what she loves best - gymnastics!

Practicing a back handspring with Miss Emily...

Flipping over...


(I'd like to know what Lily is telling the girls. They are all very into it - except for Belle!)

Now Zoe is conducting story time!

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Adrienne said...

Go daddy with the sparkly fingernail polish..good for him! Zoe looks like a pro gymnast. So neat to discover what a child's talent is. I can't wait to see what Collin will be interested in doing. He is agile and would strive at gymnastics but daddy says a big NO..imagine that!!