Monday, March 1, 2010

Ladybugs While it Lasted

As we were waiting for Zoe's referral, we completed her bedroom. Originally I wanted it decorated in Raggedy Ann & Andy. In fact, Paul & I had picked out a coloring book page & the art teacher that I work with was going to paint it on one of her walls. However, after realizing her walls were textured & it would take more work than planned, we went with a ladybug theme. (For those of you not familiar with Chinese adoptions, it is said that every time a ladybug is spotted, a family receives the referral of their new child.) A little bit of paint & a whole collection of bedding & accessories made for one very cute room.

Unfortunately, the ladybug bedroom is no longer. Zoe is getting older & wanted a more grown up theme. So, for now, the Ladybug garb is on Craigslist awaiting the next little girl who will fall in love with her bedroom the way our Zoe did!

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April said...

well, if ladybugs are a sign of someone getting their referral. If my house is any indication of that...there are a lot of families getting their referral's...just not us :(