Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 10 Summer List

Until Zoe was selected to the Level 4 gymnastic team at her gym, she was part of the Minis Group. It was made up of about 8 girls who quickly became good friends. Away from the gym Zoe would talk about all of these girls non-stop. Last summer, the Minis Group was split with some of the girls moving up to the competitive team & some moved to the recreational team. Unfortunately, Zoe & Makenna did not end up on the same team. These two have continued to remain friends though. Every time they see each other coming or going to/from the gym, they hug, talk, & catch up just like old times.

Recently, when we were coming to the gym & Makenna & her mom Christine were leaving the gym, Christine told me about Makenna's Top 10 Summer List. Every year Christine has her three youngest children make a list of the top 10 things they want to do over the summer. (Her reasoning is that she doesn't want it to be time to go back to school & the kids be disappointed because they didn't do anything fun or anything they wanted to do.) So, each of her kids made their lists & brought them to show her. Besides the fact that one of her boys put go to New York on his list - she told him to erase it & think of something else because New York is not in their vacation plans this year!!!! - the lists were full of great ideas & activities that would be easy to accomplish.

However, one of the things on Makenna's list would take a little work. Meaning from us - our family. See, Makenna put "stay the night at Zoe's house" as her #2 thing!!!! Once I found this out, I insisted that Makenna spend the night. Not only would it accomplish the #2 activity on her list, but it would be her first sleepover at a friend's. How cool is that?!

So, last Thursday, the 14th, Makenna came home from gymnastics with Zoe & I. We had dinner at a pizza place here in town & then she & Zoe swam & played. Didn't really hear too much out of them from the basement playroom. However, getting the two of them to sleep took a little effort. I think it was finally about 12:30 AM before they finally crashed.

We enjoyed Makenna's company. She is more than welcome to come back anytime. (She & Zoe have that already planned out!) Plus, how can you say no to a face like this? Such a cutie!

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