Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good-bye Kusko

About 2 years ago Zoe got a Beta Fish for her bedroom. She was very particular when picking it out. She wanted it to be very colorful but also unique from the rest of the available fish. She ended up getting a blue fish that in certain light looked purple at times too. Very pretty. Once in the car she quickly named her fish Kusko. (at the time that was the name of one of the characters on her favorite tv show - Emp*rers New Gr**ve!)

After arriving home Zoe & her daddy got the fish bowl all set up & carefully placed Kusko in place. The bowl was then placed on Zoe's dresser. And this is where Kusko has stayed the past two years.

That was up until Tuesday (July 12) of last week. See, Paul went in to feed Kusko liket he does every night before bed. However, Kusko was not alive, but dead.

After debating whether to wait until morning, Zoe decided they would go ahead & let Kusko go to his new home. With Daddy's help, Zoe very gently flushed the toilet while holding back tears.

Shortly afterward, I went in to tuck Zoe in for the night & the flood gates opened. Poor Zoe sobbed & sobbed. She ended up laying in bed with us for about an hour while she got all of her sadness out. Before going to her own bed for the night she said, "I'm gonna miss that Kusko. He was a good fish!"

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