Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awards Day (Bragging Time!) & Cousins

Update: I figured out why I was unable to post. Just a click of a button & hopefully as good as new!!!

For some reason, this has not been letting me post. I've tried many times. So forgive me for not posting when I said I was going to. I'm still trying to catch up from not having my laptop.
Zoe has several cousins that don't live too far from us. Unfortunately, most of them are older & very involved in school & activities. So there are times when we go months without seeing them. Thankfully two of them could get away long enough to stay with us for a few days. Cousin Bethanie (will be a freshman) & her brother Caleb (will be a sophomore) brought their friend Kayleigh for a get-a-way. We enjoyed hosting them. We didn't do a whole lot - went to the movies, swam, hung out, etc.
Caleb acting silly in the pool!

Kayleigh, Zoe, & Bethanie getting ready to do cheer stunts!
At the end of the school year, Awards Day was held. Zoe was hoping to get the top academic student award for her class again. (She received it for her kindergarten class.) She wasn't quite sure if she would because towards the middle of fourth quarter she had a few tough math papers. However, she pulled through & was once again the top student for her first grade class.
Zoe receiving her Top Academic Award from the principal Mr. Nail while her teacher, Mrs. Ripperda reads her name!
Zoe also received the top Art Award for her first grade class for the second year in a row!
Zoe receiving her Art Award from Mr. Nail while her art teacher, Mr. Kramer, reads her name.
Zoe did something for the first time this school year - she had Perfect Attendance. This was the first time she did not go to work with me on Take Your Child to Work Day. I tried everything to get her to go, but she was persistent that she wanted to get Perfect Attendance.
Mrs. Ripperda handing Zoe her Perfect Attendance certificate!
We had a fabulous first grade year. Mrs. Ripperda was a wonderful teacher. I believe that Zoe was challenged many times, especially in math & reading. As a result, Zoe loves creating her own math problems & loves to read chapter books.
Plus, Zoe continues to be everyone's friend. Mrs. Ripperda told us many times over the course of the year that Zoe was very helpful, didn't get involved in "girl drama", and how she wished all of her students were more like Zoe!
Below she is pictured with her friend Gracie!

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