Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Concert & Art Show

Zoe's spring concert & art show was last night. We were anxious to see the concert because Zoe has been practicing the songs for weeks. It ended up being very good. Plus, it's always fun to see the little ones display their talents. Of course, Zoe was more excited about showing us her art work. (Each student got to pick two projects to display at the art show.) She loves art class & her art teacher. In fact, she can't get enough of art & Mr. Kramer.

(You'll notice in the pictures that Zoe isn't smiling very well. Earlier this week she accidentally hit her mouth & has a terrible sore on the gum line of her upper jaw. Therefore, it hurts when she smiles. So, we will have to settle for the 1/2 smile!)

Posing before the concert.

Love that girl!

Singing her heart out!

Paying attention to Ms. Hagan, the music teacher.

The bulletin board displayed outside Zoe's classroom.

Each student made his/her own self!

Zoe's "Primary Color" display.

And, Zoe's favorite art work - her snowman!

After the concert & art show, we headed to our local pizzeria for dinner. We let Zoe invite a friend. She chose Mack (short for Mackenzie), who I'd take anywhere. The girl has some awesome manners!

Mack & Zoe

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Adrienne said...

Love Zoe's cute, and also love how she colored her self-portrait a bit darker. She's owning it, good for her! Sounds like a fun night!!