Monday, May 31, 2010

Kuddos To Our Nephews

As you know, the past two weeks have been a blur. We've been so busy going from place to place. Two of those places revolved around our nephews, Caleb & Zack. Caleb graduated 8th grade & Zack's high school varsity baseball team won the regional championship.

Caleb's Graduation:

Caleb watching his classmates enter graduation.

Caleb receiving his diploma.

Zoe holding her cousin Gracie!

Gracie doing her goofy smile!

Cousins Gracie & Zack!

Caleb, the graduate, & Zoe!

Zack's Championship:

Zack on first base after bunting.

Zack swinging for a hit.

Celebrating after the last out!

Team picture with the Regional Championship plaque.

Zack & Zoe after the win!

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