Friday, May 28, 2010

An End & a Beginning

Yesterday was Zoe's last day of being a Level 3 gymnast. She has a week off & then will be moving up to Level 4 where she will start competing. She is very excited about this new endeavor. After many stressful discussions about the commitment (10 hours of practice a week)for a 6 year old, Paul & I decided we would try it since this is what Zoe wants to do. We can't get her to play t-ball nor soccer. All she wants to do is gymnastics. In fact, every time you turn around she is doing a hand stand, back walk-over, back handspring, etc.

Level 3 Gymnasts: Claire (sister to Lilly. not in Zoe's class but was doing a make-up session), Makenna, Zoe, Raina, Lilly, & Emma. Missing was: Belle & Tea'!

Then, of course, Zoe took her first swim of the summer in our pool yesterday! We recently changed it from chlorine to salt water. We're anxious to see how we're going to like it. Zoe had no problems with it. Except, for the fact that it was a mere 84'. I did turn the heater on, but Zoe insisted on swimming before the water even heated up.

Walking down the pool steps.

The cool temperature doesn't phase her a bit.

Color changing goggles for the season!

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Missy said...

I am proud of Miss Zoe! Paige dances 9 hours a week and while it can be a bit daunting, she loves it. Just this year, as a fifth grader, has she complained about her "load". Just listen to Zoe and she'll let ya know what she can handle and not handle. I know she will do just great! She is so beautiful :)