Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

Last night the weather man was predicting 4-8 inches of snow. Zoe was so excited thinking that she would get her very first official snow day as a kindergartner. Well, the weather man didn't disappoint! About 4:50 this morning, Zoe's school's all-call system called saying school was cancelled & then about 5:40 my school's all-call system called saying my school was also cancelled. So, back to bed we went!

We woke up later to about 4 inches of snow, 12 degrees, & 35 pmh winds. Needless to say we stayed in side most of the day. Yes, we did venture outside for about 10 minutes so Zoe could play in the snow. Maggie, our dog went out with us. She was hilarious to watch run around & kick around the snow.

Zoe went right to the swing set!

All bundled up & swinging away!

Getting ready to make a snowball.

Kicking snow on Daddy!

And Daddy just kicked snow back on her!

(Notice she has her gloves on wrong!)

Running away from Daddy!

She nailed him!

Maggie taking a break from acting wild.


Not sure what tomorrow is going to bring! The wind is supposed to really kick up tonight & cause even more drifts. Zoe is hoping for another snow day & I must admit, I am too!


Stephanie said...

They're calling for alittle snow here tonight-just a dusting though. We never get anything here although everyone has the kids believe it's going to be knee deep :)

jennifer said...

We don't have snow here, but the kids didn't have school. I can't believe how cold it is!! The snow looks fun!