Thursday, December 31, 2009

Could There be a Seamstress in our House?

Last week Zoe talked me into buying her a kid's teddy bear sewing kit. As you all know, Zoe is all about anything that has to do with art. As I stood in the store reading about the kit, I promised Zoe that she could work on it after dinner that evening. So, as soon as the table was cleared & the dishwasher started, I helped her piece the pre-fab pattern together & showed her how to start a stitch. Before too long, she was well on her way to sewing her first ever item. After a little help & some extremely good patience, Zoe introduced Snowflake to her daddy. What do you think? Pretty good, huh? (Perhaps, she'll learn how to use a sewing machine - something this Mama never had any interest in!!! And still doesn't!!!!)

PS - As you all have guessed by now, Zoe made it home safe & sound yesterday from her field-trip with her friend. I told her that I missed her & thought about her all day. Her reply - "Sorry Mom, but I was too busy having fun to even think about you!!!"

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