Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day #5!

It's so hard to believe that 5 years ago today Paul & I woke up in our hotel in China & walked down the hallway only to be greeted by a little girl who would become our forever daughter. Through the years we have relived those memories many times & today is no exception. What a blessing to have been chosen Zoe Gwen's parents. Happy Gotcha Day, Zoe! Mommy & Daddy love you so much.

And in Gotcha Day fashion, we celebrated it yesterday by taking Zoe & a friend out to lunch & then to B*ild-a-Be*r.

Zoe & Kylie waiting for their lunch.

They've picked out what animals they're going to stuff.

Zoe stuffing her puppy.

And making a wish & giving her puppy's heart a kiss.

Bath time for puppy!

Introducing puppies - Valenie & Rose!


Lianna Knight said...

YEAH!!! Happy Gotcha Day sweet Zoe :)

Adrienne said...

What beautiful memories must be running through your minds today..congratulations!!!!

Erik, Adrienne, and Collin Rolf