Monday, November 2, 2009

Miss Todd

Zoe decided last week that she wanted to turn her playroom into a classroom. She loves playing school so it sounded like a great idea. (Plus, it made for an easy agreement for the room to get cleaned!!) I told Zoe that I would pick up a few things for her "classroom" at the teachers' store. She requested a calendar chart with the months of the year & numbers for the days. She also wanted some sticker charts & stickers.

We set her "classroom" up the other night & she has been "teaching" every day since. She reads to her students, sings songs, teaches the letters of the alphabet, & even teaches a little bit of math.

Here's she singing the months of the year song!

(She's really into it!)

A few of her interested students!

The students' sticker charts....

So, last night, Zoe asked her daddy to join her in her "classroom". While they were in there playing, this is the conversation I hear between the two of them:

Paul - "My feelings are kind of hurt that you didn't want to turn your playroom into a funeral home."

Zoe - "Well, I want to be a teacher like Mommy."

Paul - "Why can't you be both?"

(Zoe doesn't answer!)

Paul - "You know, Zoe, we could clear out that closet over by mom's scrapbook stuff & make that into like a funeral home. That way you could play funeral home director like me in that room just like you're playing teacher like mom in this room."

Zoe - (After a several seconds of thinking about) "Um, no. Not gonna happen!"

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day by day said...

How cute is that?! There is a lot of school playing going on over here, too. : )