Sunday, November 8, 2009

Gotta Love How She Thinks!!!!

So yesterday Zoe & I went to cousin EJ's college basketball game. As we are watching it, Zoe leans over & asks: "Mom, is EJ in 8th grade?" I explain to her that he's a sophomore in college which would be the same as being in 14th grade. She was okay with that.

Later as we're driving home from the game Zoe says: "You know, Mom, if EJ was younger, I'd probably marry him!"

Got me thinking......perhaps that's why she was hoping he was only in 8th grade!

(Don't ya love the crown: the price tage thing-a-majigger & all?!)

1 comment:

Lianna Knight said...

I just can't see anything but those adorable dimples :)