Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where Did Those Come From?

Saturday evening was to be a night of relaxation for Paul, Zoe, & I. We had planned on getting take out & watching the Nascar race in the basement. Well, that didn't happen! Zoe was given a better offer. She was asked to "help" her Godparents with a trivia night for teenagers. So, while she was there, I took advantage of her not being home. I cleaned her room & went through all of her toys & discarded the ones that were broken, had missing pieces, etc. I ended up with 3 big garbage bags full. When she came home she was amazed. In fact, so amazed, that when she saw a bags of blocks sitting out she questioned where they had came from.

I quickly explained to her that I had found them under her bed. However, she had indeed played with them before. In fact, the blocks used to be one of her favorite toys when she first arrived home from China.

Zoe was excited to rediscover the blocks. So much so that she & Paul played with them for about an hour before calling it a night.


Miss Anne said...

that smile, every time makes me smile.

she's so darling!

Lianna Knight said...

She is cuter than ever!!! Darling Dimples!!

Missy said...

Isn't it so exciting when you find a forgotten treasure? I am so glad Zoe enjoyed her blocks. She is such a doll. Happy Mother's Day!