Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Time at the Arch

Sunday was a beautiful day. Paul was in a golf tournament so Zoe, Brandy, Nick (Brandy's boyfriend), & I headed to the zoo. However, we never made it there. Instead, we decided to go to the Arch. Zoe was very excited since she had never been there before. We have talked numerous times about going, but had just not made it there.

Upon arrival we immediately bought our tram tickets for the ride to the top. We had about a half hour so we looked around the museum which Zoe enjoyed. She loved seeing the animals in all of the displays. But nothing could beat riding to the top & looking out the windows. Zoe was mesmerized. She could have stayed up there for hours. She loved seeing the Cardinals in action (even if they were losing!), the swimming pools on the roofs of buildings, the way automobiles looked like ants, & especially the flow of the Mississippi River.

We decided to spend some time on the riverfront watching the barges & paddle boats travel up & down the river. Zoe especially enjoyed watching the helicopter tours take off & land. Of course, she thought we needed to ride in the helicopter. Instead, we talked her into taking a horse & carriage ride along the river. And, as you can imagine, she loved it. In fact, she's still talking about Curly the horse.

We finished off the afternoon with a stop at Cold Stone Creamery on the way home! What a great ending to a great day!


Lianna Knight said...

What a happy little girl :)

Cathy said...

She is the cutest thing...and her outfits are always so cute! And by the way, I LOVE your music choices!

Stephanie said...

How cool..I've never been there but it looks beautiful. So neat that you can see the ballpark from up there! Awesome view!