Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spending Time with Sissy

Sissy (AKA: Brandy) arrived home for the summer Thursday evening. She wrapped up her junior year in college earlier in the day. She stopped by the house for just a minute to ask if she could pick Zoe up from pre-school & spend the day with her. Of course, Zoe was so excited. (One to see Sissy, but also very excited that she wouldn't have to stay at daycare once pre-school was over.)

So, the two of them had an enjoyable Friday afternoon. Went to Sissy's house for a while. Played Wii. Went out to lunch. Did hair & make-up. And, as always, Zoe wore some of Sissy's clothes! Check it out:

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Cathy said...

Zoe is quite the fashionista! Does that girl EVER have a bad day? Ha!