Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Your Kid to Work Day

For the second year in a row, Zoe went to school with me for Take Your Kid to Work Day last Thursday. Several of my co-workers also brought their kids so so it ended up being a lot of fun. As most of you know, I teach jr. high science. So, my superintendent & I made a deal earlier in the week that if I would come up with fun activities for the kids to do all day long then he would buy lunch for all of the kiddos. Sounded like a great plan to me! So, my science students left their books in their lockers & mine stayed on my desk. We really had a great time designing & constructing our different activities. The little kids enjoyed it too.

First Hour - Penny Boats
Students (paired with a little friend) designed boats out of aluminum foil. We then placed each boat in a sink of water. Each group guessed how many pennies its boat would hold before sinking. The best group's boat held 127 pennies.

Ethan working with his group.

Jadyn taking time out for a picture!

2nd Hour - Gumdrop Domes

Each group, consisting of a couple of students & a little friend, used gumdrops & toothpicks to design a dome that they thought would hold the most weight. Unfortunately several groups' domes collapsed with the first book being placed on their creation. However, the winning group's dome held 12 textbooks & 3 binders. Pretty cool, huh?

Zoe hard at work.

Ravyn showing off her masterpiece!

Brothers Bryson & Ethan ate more than their share of gumdrops!

Morgan trying to stick a toothpick in a gumdrop.

Zoe made her own dome after helping the group.

The finished product - Zoe style!

3rd Hour - Playing Card Fences

Once again in groups, students had to take 26 playing cards & build a fence with the most area in it. Cards had to touch each other & could not lay flat on the desk. I was very surprised how creative my students were.

Zoe building her own little fence.
4th Hour - Coloring & Picture Frames

My homeroom students had study hall so the little kids colored & made foam picture frames. (I took a group picture of the little kids for their frames.)

Lilly (with her daddy) deciding what to color.

Morgan posing by her picture frame.

Ravyn gluing a foam basketball to her frame.

Zoe & Lilly coloring the D*sney Princesses.

A group picture!!!!!

5th Hour - Cereal Box Guitars

Using a cereal box, a paper towel roll, scissors, & rubber bands, students made guitars. The little kids had a blast decorating the boxes while my students did the cutting. The guitars turned out so cute. (Wouldn't you know I forgot to take pictures of them?!)

Zander waiting for his guitar to get its strings.

Zoe smiling at her decorated guitar.


The little kids enjoyed their lunch from McD*nalds while watching a movie. Afterwards, they went outside for some playground fun.

6th Hour - Newspaper Chairs

Students were given 2 items - newspapers & masking tape. Each group was to design a chair that they thought would hold an adult. Once they were completed, my aide Laurie went around the room trying out each chair. We actually had two chairs that held up. Again, I didn't get any pictures. Sorry!

Morgan hoping her group's chair will hold up.

7th Hour - Free Period

During my planning period the kiddos danced, wrote on my white board, colored, etc. in my classroom.

Here's Ravyn teaching Zoe, Morgan, & Zander a cheer!

Dismissal - 2:45 PM

Before we knew it the day was over. I think all of the kids had a great time with Mom or Dad at work. Can't wait to see what's in store for next year. Zoe's already talking about it!!!!!!


Cathy said...

You teach Jr High? I think you missed your calling!

Stephanie said...

Now that looked like a fun day!!!!!!!!

zane said...

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