Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs & High Heels

Wednesday evening after dinner, Zoe talked her daddy into dying Easter eggs. This is their thing. Since bringing her home four years ago, the two of them color Easter eggs each year. I do help with the set up & of course, the clean up. But, I must admit, I do enjoy watching the two of them decide what colors, decorations, etc. to use as I snap pictures one right after another. It's so much fun watching the expressions on Zoe's face as she & Paul work through their magic.

Just put a color tablet in each cup.

Getting ready to drop the egg in the cup.

Checking on the purple egg - just happens to be Zoe's favorite color!

Check out how bright the pink one is!

There's the orange!

What a pretty blue!

She's just a little excited!

Showing off some of the masterpieces!

Zoe's two favorites!

The Finished Product!

Guess who came home Thursday night from college for Easter break? If you guessed Brandy (otherwise known as Sissy), you're right. Not only did Brandy come over to hang out, but she decided to spend the night. (Not only did Sissy say that she would sleep over, but that she would sleep with Zoe in her bed.) As you can imagine, Zoe was thrilled. Sissy & Zoe played all night & then stayed up late talking, laughing, & carrying on. It was fun watching the two of them be such girlie girls.

When Brandy arrived at our house, she was dressed up because she had came straight from student teaching. She kicked off her high heels & immediately went to change in the bathroom. Before anyone could notice, Zoe was parading around in Brandy's heels.


Kristi J said...

oh, she's so cute!! We'll be dying our eggs tomorrow...Love her in the heels..Precious!! Thanks for your comment and prayers....I'm praying they call MOnday with some news on court...Happy Easter to your family, kristi

Cathy said...

definitely your little sugar booger! Happy Easter!

Stephanie said...

Looks like they had a wonderful time those daddy daughter moments!

Love those shoes :) Glad they had a wonderful time together...tooo cute!