Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with Family & Friends

Zoe had a great weekend. Several of our neighbor kids were home from college so they stopped by for a visit. Here is picture of Jess. He attends Belmont University in Nashville, TN. He was actually a finalist on American Id*l two years ago. He's a great guy, just trying to make it big.

Zoe was so proud of what Jess drew on her Magna Doodle!

Yesterday Zoe & I enjoyed Easter dinner with Paul's side of the family. (Unfortunately, Paul had gotten a death call & had to make arrangements with the family so he couldn't go with us.) Paul's cousins have children the same age as Zoe so the four of them had a blast hunting empty Easter eggs over & over outside. By the time we were ready to leave, Zoe's shoes were completely caked with mud & her jeans spotted with grass stains! It wasn't far down the road & she was sound asleep. She was completely worn out. (I must confess, I left my camera at home & didn't get any pictures.)

Today is the last day of our Easter break. Zoe has gymnastics this afternoon & we have a few errands to run before hand. Perhaps I'll take my camera & get some updated pictures from gymnastics class.

Oh - by the way - the computer fixer-up store had to order a new mother board for my computer. Should be in & ready to go by tomorrow afternoon. Yahoo! Can't wait to have my laptop back.

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