Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ramblings on a Snow Day

Yes, you read that right. No school today! I was quite surprised when I received the phone call from school at 5:30 AM as I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair. (I know, not a pretty site to think about - me in the shower!!!!) Anyway, looked outside & didn't see much. I guess the weather was totally different just to the north (where my school is) & west of us. Anyway, not complaining! Back to bed I went!

As you have read from the previous post, we had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Zoe has enjoyed playing with her gifts each & every day. She is taking tremendous care of Lia (her Chinese baby doll that Santa brought her). Lia has been quite the traveler. She has experienced many firsts - Christmas, basketball games, shopping, etc. You name it, Lia's done it! (Wonder if Zoe's motherness is any sign how she will be as a future babysitter!!!!)

Well, the bug hit our house. No, not lice, the FLU. And it hit it with a BIG bang. Paul had it a few days before Christmas & then I actually got it after New Years. Surprisingly, Zoe hasn't gotten it yet. (Let's hope she doesn't.) Yesterday when I arrived at school I asked my administrators if I could leave my cell phone on just in case daycare tried to get a hold of me to come get Zoe for being sick. (Our school only has a couple of phone lines so at times they are all busy. Much easier & faster to get me on my cell.) Anyway, they said no problem. Well, would you know it, just as I was getting into Punnett Squares, my cell phone rang. I just knew it was daycare. Boy, was I surprised (& mad). It was a telemarketer. I have never in my 11 years of owning a cell phone had a telemarketer call me. And, I should never have one call me again. At lunch I took care of that business. Made sure my cell phone was on the Do Not Call Telemarketing List. If it hasn't happened to you yet & your phone hasn't been registered with the do not call center, just wait. About the time you think you're getting an important phone call, you'll be listening to someone try to sell you a static sticker for your rear car window that shows you support flying monkeys at the north pole.


Tony and Rett said...

YAY! I'm on a snow day too!!! Now, I should stop READING blogs and actually post on ours...hehhe

Happy snow day!

Miss Anne said...

i'm so jealous!

enjoy your day together!

day by day said...

Hi Heather!

Hmmm...I am wondering where you live...we had a half day today for the same reason and still...nothing coming down, but it is on its way!

I hope that virus leaves and stays away! So many people are sick right now...we have been very lucky so far.

The Christmas pics below are ADORABLE!!

Happy New Year!!

jennifer said...

Snow days are so fun, but I don't want any more. We missed so many days because of the hurricane and the snow that school will never end!!

I hope everyone stays well. The flu is awful!