Monday, January 19, 2009

On a Lighter Note.....Politician Zoe Gwen

Last night as we were in bed, Zoe came into our room & wanted to know if she could sleep with us. Given the circumstances of the last week (see previous two posts) Paul & I reluctantly said yes. With Zoe laying between us, I was reading & Paul was channel surfing.

All of the sudden I hear Zoe say, "That's Barack Obama" (as she sees the replaying of his pre-inaugural celebration yesterday). Paul replies by telling her that she's correct & that he is going to be the President come Tuesday.

She thinks about that a few minutes then says, "Yeah, & he's going to take all of our money & give it to people that don't work!"

Of course Paul replies that she's right (as I am giving him the evil eye!).

A few minutes later Zoe then says, "The government is also going to raise our taxes, right daddy?"

He replies (I'm still giving him the evil eye!) once again that she's right.

Zoe then just looks at me, smiles, & says, "We didn't want him to be President, Mama. He's going to start printing money & just give it away with nothing to back it."

Now, I am not into politics at ALL! But, as you can tell, my husband very much is. Can you guess what party he favors?!!!! (I think there's a little bit of brainwashing going on behind my back!!!!)


Cathy said...

Heather, that was absolutely hysterical! What a smart little girl you have there!

Stephanie said...


Colleen said...

ROTFL...I think your dh and mine could be the same person LOL that is something my dh would say...and has said...One smart little cookie you have there.

the Mallett's said...

I'm sorry for your loss but as you stated he is at peace now.
I also wanted to let you know that I read about your care packages. I too have been trying to take little bags to some of the patients who are in the hospital at Children's. In fact I delivered one today to one of the little boys we met while Livi was in transplant. It really makes me feel good to do this for others. I know how much we enjoyed these types of packages we recieved when Livi was in the hospital. However, most of them she doesn't even remember getting due to all the meds she was on at the time, nor did she get to enjoy them due to the sores in her mouth from all the strong chemo effects. I really wish she would have remembered how many she recieved, because she would really have known how many people cared about her. That's why I like to try to deliver a few to some of the kids on J5. It really brightend their day! Good work, keep it up. I'm sure many kids truly enjoy the packages they recieve.

Party of Seven said...

That is pretty funny! Little ones are so honest and tell it like it is or how they hear it! ha

Suzy said...

Don't be too hard on your husband. It sounds like he is giving her concrete examples of what the president may be doing wrong - constructive criticism vs just tearing him down. I wish more people would do that in all areas. It's so much better than just saying, "He's an idiot," or "He doesn't know what he's doing." Without giving examples of what IS wrong and what that will lead to, we don't really teach our kids what TO DO. Thumbs up to your husband's method even if you don't agree with the content of his message.