Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zoe & "Miss Claus"!!!!

I had to post a few pictures that I took this afternoon of Zoe & our puppy Maggie (Believe it or not, Maggie is only 6 months old!). One day while shopping Zoe insisted on getting Maggie a Miss Claus outfit, at least that's what Zoe called it. So, without further a do, here's Miss Magnolia Mayflower (otherwise known as Maggie) as Miss Claus & her very best friend Zoe!


Lianna Knight said...

CUTE!! I am telling you something...that Zoe has the cutest smile I have EVER seen :) You should box that smile up and sell it..you'd make a fortune!!!

Miss Anne said...

Sweetest little muffins!

Gorgeous little girl and adorable pup!

:) merriest little Christmas to You and Yours!

Missy said...

Oh gosh!!! There is TOO much cuteness in just one post. Zoe is a beautiful little girl and lights up the screen and Maggie...oh, she makes the cutest Miss Claus!!!

Keri said...

Your Zoe has the cutest smile! She is so photogenic. I think she has a great friend there with Miss Maggie. Love her Chistmas outfit.