Monday, December 15, 2008

Special Prayers for a Special Girl

Last week we were lead to an on-line article about a 5 year old adoptee from China who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Lydia is currently undergoing treatment at Children's Hospital in Ohio. Her story is one of remarkable courage & strength.

Please take the time to read Lydia's story and then go here & leave a message of encouragement for her & her family. As parents we cannot imagine the emotions associated with finding out your child has leukemia. However, as parents of an adopted child, these emotions must be even more devastating knowing the best chance of a cure for your child is finding a bone marrow donor since neither adopted parent nor siblings are a match.

In this most magical time of the year, all of us can think of at least one person/family that could use an extra prayer in their time(s) of struggles. Would you please say an extra prayer for Lydia & her family? Miracles happen every day. What a blessing it would be if a bone marrow match is found for sweet little Lydia!


Missy said...


You have a heart of gold! I am on my way to read their story and to leave them a message. I will be lifting up little Lydia in my prayers. Thanks for bringing this to others attention!

Have a great last week with the kids. I am counting down the days : )

Lianna Knight said...

Such a sweet post! My prayers for Lydia and her family. Thanks for sharing Heather :)