Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gymnastics & High School Musical

Yesterday was a great day for Zoe. While at her weekly gymnastics class, she was selected to move to the big gym with the big girls. This is a BIG deal considering that she was bumped over two levels to get there. So, her new class will be on a new day & a new time. She will be attending a weekly two hour session instead of her usual one hour session. Zoe is very excited because she will be joining her friend Mya (who was moved up about 3 weeks ago) who she's been in class with before. The only down fall is that Miss Tracy will no longer be her instructor. Zoe promised Miss Tracy that we will stop in the little gym for visits from time to time.

Last night Zoe, Daddy, & Mommy saw High School Musical at an outdoor theater. While Mom & Dad thought it was very good, Zoe had mixed feelings. She mentioned during the show that something wasn't right about it. She told her dad that it wasn't the same as the movie. Therefore, she didn't really like it. (Quite hard for a 4 year old to understand the difference between a movie & a musical.) Anyway, we enjoyed our little family outing, even though it was a very late night.

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