Monday, June 23, 2008

Baseball & Dust

We had a fabulous weekend. My nephews each had a baseball tournament about 10 minutes from our home. Since we rarely get to see them play we spent the entire weekend at ballgames. What made it even more exciting was that both nephews won the championship for their age division. They each played excellent & both had numerous hits! Good job, Zack & Blake!

And of course, where there's a ball field, there's a playground. Zoe enjoyed our time at the ballgames as she played with new friends that Aunt Tracy introduced her. Each night that we came home we had to hose her off because she was covered in dust & dirt. (The baseball fields could definitely have used some rain!) Zoe is hoping that we attend a tournament over the 4th of July that Blake is in because she would like to spend some more time with her new friend Emily!

She says that, but we will see what the next week or so brings. You never know what's in store....

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