Sunday, February 13, 2011

State Champions!!!

Oh where has the time gone?! Since I last posted, Zoe & I both had four more snow (or should I say ice) days. That brings our total to 9 snow days thus far this school year. My school is looking at getting out around May 24th or so. I haven't heard about Zoe's school yet.

Speaking of my school, our junior high girls' basketball team won the state championship for the medium sized schools. Very cool, huh?! Four of the starters on the team are only in 7th grade - three of them in my homeroom - so it should be exciting again next year.

I volunteered to chaperone the student fan bus all three nights to the state tournament. I must say the students were very well behaved. They cheered & rooted our girls to victory. So, so, proud of their behavior. The night of the championship game Zoe actually road the fan bus with me because her friend Morgan (I teach with her mom.) was going as well. The two of them had a great time.

Olivia (one of my students), Zoe (with her 4 front teeth missing!), & Morgan.

State Champions!

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