Monday, February 28, 2011

Since I Last Posted....

Paul celebrated his 48th birthday February 16th. We celebrated at home with a game that Zoe made - Pin the Nose on the Pig. She was very proud of the pig & nose that she drew. She made her dad go first.

Don't you love the blind fold she came up with - her sleeping mask!

Zoe having Daddy pause before his first try.
Wrong way, Paul. The pig is hanging on the fridge!
Next up - Zoe. She couldn't keep from laughing!
She's much closer than Dad.
We all enjoyed playing Pin the Nose on the Pig. After about 3 rounds, we all finally got the hang of it. It put a fun twist to dad's birthday. Which by the way, he was very happy with because Zoe & I got him tickets to go see these guys in a few weeks:
Let me just tell ya, Paul is SUPER excited! He's thinking about pulling out a flannel shirt & some camouflage to wear to the show. (I told him that's fine. He'll just fit right in!)
Then, just a few days ago Zoe, Avery (her friend), & I welcomed home this little guy at the airport:
You talk about a cutie! We arrived at the airport about 20 minutes before their flight was supposed to arrive, only to find out the flight was delayed about 2 hours. So, we just hung out.
Zoe patiently waiting.
Avery, Zoe, & Big Sister Ashlyn showing off a sign that someone had made.
Zoe's sign. (A little too much glare...)
As they walk towards the gate. (Big Sister & Brother ran to Mom, Dad, & Eli)
Zoe acting silly with Eli's cousin Nick.
Everyone who showed up at the airport to welcome Eli home.
What a blessing his is!

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