Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Visits Nov. 28

Sunday as I was Christmas shopping, my cell phone rings. When I answer it, Zoe is squealing with delight as she tells me that her daddy pulled her tooth. You have to understand that Zoe is one of the few left in her first grade class that hasn't lost a tooth yet. She was so excited when she was at the dentist about a month ago & Dr. Kevin informed her that she had 4 teeth loose. He told her to start wiggling them & before you know it, they would come out. Well, the bottom left center has been hanging - & yes, I mean hanging - for a couple of weeks. Zoe finally got brave & asked her daddy to pull it. One the second try, it snapped right out!

After taking her bath & getting her jammies on, Zoe wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking that she not take her tooth. When asked why, Zoe said that she wants to keep it forever. (And believe me, if you know anything about my girl, she means FOREVER!!! She is such a pack rat & wants to save everything.)

Zoe was so excited when I woke her up the next morning to get ready for school & she found $7.00 under her pillow, the note she had written, & her tooth. She couldn't have been more thrilled, especially since the tooth fairy left her the amount of money that is her exact age. How cool is that! (Sure wish I'd lose a tooth - $39.00 would come in real handy about now!!!)

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, congratulations! We know how that feels - both the pulling and being the LAST ONE in class to lose a tooth. The Tongginator was the only one in her kindergarten class last year to NOT lose one. What a big milestone!