Monday, November 22, 2010

A First Times Two Plus a Win!!!

Last Saturday night Paul, Zoe, & I attended the St. Louis Blues hockey game. We had a great time right from the start. As soon as we got there (about 40 minutes before the game started), the usher encouraged us to take Zoe down to the ice while the two teams warmed up. Boy, are we glad we did. While we were standing there watching, a puck flew over the glass & landed right between Zoe's feet. She was thrilled! (Paul said that he'd been going to hockey games for over twenty years & has never gotten a puck. Zoe goes to her third game ever & gets her first ever puck!) Plus, during the game, a fan from our section was chosen to participate in a game on the jumbo-tron. He won which gave everyone in our section a free $1 lottery ticket. Zoe had a blast scratching off her first ever lottery ticket. No winner, but she was pretty excited for a seven year old.

Zoe & Daddy after finding our seats!

Watching practice...

The NJ Devils goalie - a hometown boy from St. Louis.

Zoe with her puck - how awesome!

Discussing their strategy.

A face-off...

Right before the Blues score.

A fight about to start.

The Blues goalie stops the puck before it enters the net.

The Blues goalie!

Another face-off.

Zoe's lottery ticket!

Erik Johnson - a Blues defensemen.

The final face-off before the Blues beat the Devils 3 to 2!

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