Saturday, April 17, 2010

That's a Winner!

In January the nurse at Zoe's school sent home a coloring sheet with an explanation letter attached. The Dental Society was having a state wide coloring contest open to kindergartners to promote healthy habits of brushing & flossing. With a little encouragement, Zoe decided to give it a try. She took her time & finished the coloring page over a period of three nights. We sent it back to school & actually forgot about it.

Fast forward to this past week. Zoe received a letter in the mail from the Dental Society informing her that she was a winner. In fact, her coloring page was chosen out of 9,000 entries.

The school nurse also received a letter & presented Zoe with a congratulatory certificate & a gift card. Plus, a small article along with a picture of the presentation was in our local paper.

A few days after the appearance in the paper, Zoe received a congratulatory card in the mail with a laminated copy of the blurb & picture from the paper from our State Representative. When Zoe saw it, she asked - "Do you think Miss Melinda (the school nurse) also got one of these congratulations cards with a laminated thingy in it?.....I bet she did, Mom. Don't you? I mean she is in the picture with me!"

Zoe with the letter from the Dental Society & gift card received!

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