Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 Homeruns + a Put Out + Flips = a Win!

Last night Zoe & I attended the high school baseball game of my two nephews'. The game was held near our house at a minor league baseball team's stadium. The evening started out kind of overcast, but by the end of the middle of the fourth inning, it was raining & cold. We stuck it out until the end & boy, are we glad we did!

Zack, a sophomore, ended up with a single during the game, along with a walk, & also threw a runner out at home plate after catching a fly ball in center field!

Zack getting ready to bat.

Looking for the right pitch.

He ended up with a single to center field.

Zoe, kept herself busy by hanging out with Zack's girlfriend Emily (I forgot to take a picture of her & Zoe together. Yes, Zoe let me hear about it once we were home!) & doing gymnastics. Every time I turned around she was doing handstands, back walkovers, or round-offs. For some reason, one of her shoes kept falling off.

Re-tying her "Twinkle Toes" for the umpteenth time.

Steven, a senior, had a great game. He hit two home runs. Here is his first one:

Waiting for his pitch.

And rounding the bases with a smile from ear to ear!

The score ended up being 8 to 2. It was a fun game to watch & even better that we won! Even Zoe was thrilled for the win!

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