Sunday, October 4, 2009

Zoe Turns 6

Today's Zoe's 6th birthday! So hard to believe that our little girl is growing up. She woke up early this morning & yelled - Today I'm 6!!!

Awaiting for her present!

Her reaction to seeing her present....

A new bike!!!

However, the new bike didn't stay around long. We had bought a training wheels kit to put on it, but quickly discovered that the new bike wasn't acceptable to training wheels. So, we took the new bike back & got a newer bike!!! But not before taking Zoe out for lunch to her restaurant of choice - H**ters!!!! (Yes, that is where she chose to go. She loves their 911 Chicken Strips!)

At H**ters!

The waitress wrote Happy Birthday in ketchup!

Paw Paw Frank telling Zoe Happy Birthday!

Smiling with her H**ters balloon!

And another pose!

Our waitress took Zoe by the hand & had her stand on a chair while all of the waitresses sang to her. Zoe loved it, even acting like a bird & shaking her tail feathers!

Zoe with all of the H**ters waitresses!

Finally at home riding her birthday present - her new new bicycle with her matching helmet!

Happy Birthday, Zoe. We love you!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!

So funny she chose Hooters
:) I can't imagine that they have a ton of 6 year olds wanting to go there for their birthdays :)

I didn't know she and Jacob were that close in age...he turns 6 this Saturday.