Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Principal Praise Girl

Zoe's school is heavily involved in a character education program. Each month students are introduced to a new "pillar" word & their character lessons for that month surround the meaning of that word. For example, the "pillar" word for September was Responsibility.

Building on that character ed. program, Mr. Nail, the principal, has a club that is called Principal Praise. Each month teachers nominate students who they feel represent the school in every "pillar" of the character ed. program. The students chosen are singled out at an all-school assembly & get to have lunch with the principal. Besides that, one name is drawn from the group of winners & is treated to a limo ride around town & lunch at D*iry Queen.

So on Thursday I just happened to be picking Zoe up from school & was waiting in the school's lobby. The character education assembly was going on in the gym & from where I was sitting I could hear it. I wasn't really paying that much attention until I heard the principal say Zoe's name. I then peeked in the gym door & saw that she was standing with a small group of other students in front of their peers. Mr. Nail then pulled a name out of a hat & announced the winner of the limo ride & DQ lunch. (Zoe's name was not chosen.)

As Zoe & I are walking home from school (we only live about 2 blocks), this is the conversation that takes place:

Mom - What was that assembly about? Why were you up there in front of all the kids in your school?

Zoe - One of the teachers, maybe Mrs. Green, picked me for Principal Praise.

Mom - That's awesome, but what's Principal Praise? (Knowing full well what it was, I just wanted to get her view!)

Zoe - It's when you're picked for doing the right thing. It's for acting like you're supposed to & always being nice to others & using your manners.

Mom - Zoe, that's awesome. I am so proud of you & Daddy will be too.

Zoe - Well, I didn't win the limo & D*iry Queen lunch though. Only one name was drawn out for that.

Mom - That's okay. Besides, do you know what limo that student is going to be riding in & who is going to be driving that limo?

Zoe - No.

Mom - Your daddy. He will be taking the students in the funeral home limo.

Zoe - (With a goofy look on her face.) Oh. Well, I've ridden in that limo before when Daddy was driving. It's probably best that someone else gets to ride it in then, because I can ride in it any time & have Daddy take me to D*iry Queen. Maybe the boy that was picked has never been in a limo. That would be cool for him!

(And that my friends is my Principal Praise girl. Always thinking of someone else before herself!)

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Lianna Knight said...

This post literally brought tears to my eyes...her heart is just as sweet as her little face.