Friday, September 18, 2009

My Little Bookworm

Zoe has always been a lover of books & that feeling has not changed. In fact, since starting school her appreciation for reading has increased. So much so that we are now reading several books each evening instead of one before bedtime.

I recently got out my childhood books & found my favorite book of all time, Where the Sidewalk Ends. My very favorite teacher ever (Mrs. Gregory) introduced this book to my class in 5th grade. She would read to us on a daily basis & would often take requests. By far Where the Sidewalk Ends was read more than any other book. (If you didn't know, Where the Sidewalk Ends is a book of poems that were written by the late Shel Silverstein.)

So each night I get out Where the Sidewalk Ends & read a poem or two with Zoe. Since most of Shel's poems are funny, she & I usually end up laughing before we talk about the meaning of the poem & look at the words & pictures. Our time spent reading is probably my favorite one-on-one time spent with Zoe.

So, in honor of Zoe's love for reading & her new enthusiasm for Shel Silverstein's poems, I'm giving away a 25th Anniversary Edition Book & CD of Where the Sidewalk Ends for this week's give-a-way. (Sorry, I tried to upload a picture of the book, but it won't work. So, I will have to try again tonight!)

To be entered into the drawing, you must leave a comment with the name of your favorite childhood book. (please also include your e-mail so I can contact you if you win.) Pretty easy, huh? Zoe & I can't wait to see what books you suggest! We might just have to add to our growing collection!

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Kristi J said...

Ok, so I can't figure out the link thing, but I love books and think your idea to give one away is so cute...Glad your big girl is having fun in school :) kj

Anonymous said...

Is this where I enter to win the book?
That was a fabulous book, which I'd love to have for my own child. My favorite book was "Where the Wild things are" by Maurice Sendak.

Jennai said...

I always enjoyed the Winnie the Pooh Books (i.e., House At Pooh Corner)
This book is a classic. I'd love to win it for my kids to enjoy.
HobartsMama at AOL.COM

Bombtastic Belle said...

I looove that book, but I also loved "Where the Wild Things Are" :)