Monday, September 21, 2009

Festival Weekend

Festival weekend in our small town is a big deal. Those who can, come home for it. Those who can't, wish they could. And those of us who live here, are so thankful when it's over enjoy the odd people that a carnival always brings out, the trash left behind after a parade, fellowship with our friends, the smiles on our kids' faces at the carnival, & the spirit of a good parade. So, here's a little glimpse of fun from the weekend:

Zoe & Daddy with the loaded up golf cart for the parade.

Meet Swimmy the Dolphin. Zoe won him at the carnival.

Mommy & Zoe before the parade! (Just for Sarah!)
Do I need my hair colored or what?!

Princess Zoe has her candy bag ready.

The high school band featuring Bennett & Austin!

Here comes R*y Charles (notice the walking stick) & his friends!
(The parade theme was - Making Memories with Music)

Mich*el Jackson, The King of Rock-n-Roll himself, & Willy N*lson!!!

The Jr. High Band featuring Miss Abigail!

Our friends, Kevin & Jeff, reunited with their band from back in the day!

Backroads featuring Kevin & Jeff!

To end a great weekend, Zoe's teacher Mrs. Green was in the dunking booth. It was so cute watching all of the little kindergartners get excited about getting her wet. Zoe had talked about dunking Mrs. Green all week. This was definitely the highlight of the fair for Zoe. And guess what? Zoe got Mrs. Green down with the third ball!

Zoe thinking about her strategy...

Mrs. Green putting on her mean face...

Taking that third ball...

And she throws....

And down she goes!!!

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Stephanie said...

Wow what a bucket of candy!!!!!!