Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Crazy Day!

My first day of summer vacation & I wanted to sleep in so bad. Good intentions, but didn't happen. You know how that is....your body is in a routine & automatically wakes up around the time you're supposed to get up for work. Why lay in bed? So, I got up & starting doing chores around the house. I was quite proud of myself. Rolling right along - getting a lot accomplished. Zoe wanted to swim & I needed to work on the pool anyway so to the backyard we went.

After a little while some neighbor kids showed up to swim which was awesome for me (allowed me to continue working on some outside chores). Zoe had a ball playing with the girls, especially her friend Kaidyn.

Kaidyn & Zoe

Throwing the ball while Madolyn hangs on...

Madolyn, Zoe, Abbie, & Kaidyn

Getting ready to jump...

One of her favorites - jumping in the pool!

Janelle's big jump!

After about 2 hours of swimming a storm starting brewing. Everyone got out of the pool & in the house just in the nick of time. We experienced a severe thunderstorm like no other. In fact, an area of our little town ended up with quite a bit of damage. The weather folks are saying it was either straight line winds or a small tornado. Luckily, we had no damage other than some limbs down & one of our patio tables got knocked over & the glass shattered. However, we were without power for approximately 8 hours. (So there went my cleaning & completing my chores!)

A girl can't cook without power so we ended up going to a town nearby for pizza. My cousin EJ & his girlfriend Mallory came over for the evening so they went with us. When we got back from eating, Zoe, Mallory, & EJ decided to swim. Casey, a neighbor boy, stopped by so he & I sat by the pool in candle light & watched them swim.

Not sure why the goofy look on his face!

Mallory, Zoe, & EJ

Poor Mallory -Zoe was like attached at the hip!

Casey after he put his finger in hot wax!

It's supposed to rain off & on all day so hopefully I will get some more cleaning done inside. Have a long list to accomplish before we leave Saturday for vacation - Gulf Shores, Alabama, here we come!


Miss Anne said...

what fun "welcome to summer" pics! :)

I'll say that the pool looks mighty inviting right now as I type this from my frigid (A/C) office as i stare out the window into the sunshine :(

happy summer to you and yours!

Colleen said...

I can't wait for summer vacation to start. Our last day of school is next Monday.
How scary about the storm. Our weather can change in a flash too..I'm happy that everyone is ok!! The pictures are great.