Friday, January 20, 2012

8th Grade Night

Last night my nephew Blake had his 8th grade night for basketball. As a former coach & player, I love watching my nieces & nephews play basketball.

My sister Tracy, Blake, & my brother-in-law Brent

Calling the plays as the point guard.

Taking it to the hoop!

After leading the team to victory, Blake takes a seat on the bench.

Great game last night, Blake. Good luck as you start regional play next week!

P.S. ..... My niece Gracie was also at the game watching cousin Blake. She was lucky enough to have someone give her the cheerleading uniform that she has on. Isn't she a cutie???
Gracie & her friend Bailey

P.S.S. We are on our way out the door. Trying to get to a gymnastics meet before the ice storm hits.

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