Thursday, August 4, 2011

At The Beach

We are at the ocean & loving it. Too bad vacations always have to come to an end. It's been VERY hot here, but so enjoyable. We are loving our time watching the dolphins each morning from our condo's balcony, spending time with each other & good friends. Yesterday's highlight was watching a stingray swim at the water's edge. We've got a few more days before we have to pack up & head home to reality. Hope you enjoy the pictures thus far!!!
Bennett, Abbie, & Zoe in the pool.

Zoe throwing the football with her tongue out!
Washing the sand off her hands.
Taking a break with Mama's hat on.
Posing with the "sand alligator".
Heading to the water...
Zoe's new friend Asia checking out a sea shell.

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