Thursday, June 24, 2010

Woody & Buzz

Yep, we went & saw it - Toy St*ry 3!

However, we went to the drive-in theater.

We took Zoe for the first time a couple of weeks ago & she loved it.

So, we went back again last night.

This time with cousin Bethanie & our radio in tow. (Forgot the radio last time & had to keep starting the car about every 20 minutes thanks to its automatic shut off. You see, the days of hanging the speaker in your car are long gone. Now you tune in to a radio station which plays the movie.)

The screen featuring the movie.

Zoe getting her lawn chair set up.

Zoe & Bethanie

Zoe on the playground slide.

And on the swing.

Bethanie, Zoe, & Paul getting settled for the movie to start. (Of course, Paul had to start something.)

Daddy with bunny ears.

And now Zoe saying Daddy is coo-coo!

But wait, where's the popcorn? You gotta have popcorn at the movie theater....

Here it is - Extra butter to taste!

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Chris said...

Wow! Drive-in movie theaters??? They are still around??? How cool!!!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a *comment* more buck-a-roo for the kiddos at AOW!!! :)

I will definitely be *visiting* your blog again!!