Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Reading Machine

Zoe has always been a lover of books & now that she is really learning to read, she loves them even more. Saturday evening she read her first book (all by herself) to us. She was so proud of herself as she sounded out the words & drew conclusions from the pictures. Once that first book was finished, she picked up another & read it too. Since then, she has read & re-read multiple books. (We might just have to head to the bookstore soon!)

Daddy rocking Zoe as she reads to us.

Sounding out a word.

(I love the enthusiasm on her face!)

And of course, a smile for the camera!

(Had to get one of Dad looking too!)

Some girls look good in hats. I think she's got it goin' on!

Funny faces & bunny ears!

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